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Why do you hide your face?

While I have been told my eyes and my beautiful face are some of my best features, I prefer to remain private in order to protect my personal life.

Is screening required?

While I do respect client anonymity, I am unable to accommodate anyone who is not comfortable with completing my screening process.  Consequently, all new and potential clients must complete screening.

The purpose of screening is to verify who you are, which in turn ensures my safety and the ease and comfort of our time together. It ultimately also protects both of us.

Do you offer_______ service?

I am only able to discuss client services in person, but I do find that most of my clients are satisfied with the range of services that I provide.

What if I am running late?

Time is very important to me, so I do ask that my clients plan ahead and be punctual for appointments. Not too early, but certainly not running late!!

Do you see couples?

While I do find intimate connections with both men and women to be highly satisfying, any couples wishing to schedule an appointment must do so for at least 1 hour, and both individuals must complete the screening process.

What is the best way to get in contact with you?

I am very sorry, but I do not accept phone calls.  You can text me at (719)-426-5204, or you can fill out the Contact Form on this site to expedite the screening process. (If you choose to fill out the Contact Form, please complete the entire form.)

What will you be wearing?

I’ll choose something classic, chic, and refined. I always dress to impress and will only take requests on wardrobe after you've become an established client.

Do you do outcalls?

For safety reasons I do not provide outcalls until someone becomes a regular.

Can we negotiate rates or make an “exchange”?

My consideration is non-negotiable and any attempt to ask for a discount or barter will result in us never meeting and communications to cease. Efforts to haggle with me are in poor taste and will not be entertained.

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