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All About Ashley Nicole

I am an escort.

An escort is not a hooker.  An escort is not a prostitute.  An escort is not a whore.

Escorts are providers.  We determine a clients’ needs and find ways to satisfy them.  When we can’t, we refer our clients to other escorts who can, without jealousy.

Escorts are healers.  We find the damaged parts of our clients and work to make them whole.

Escorts are listeners.  Most people are surprised that a big part of what we do is lend a sympathetic ear while attending to others’ stories.  We listen as they tell us who they are.

Escorts are comforters.  We attend to all of our clients’ senses, both of the body and of the mind.  We create pleasant smells, sounds, and sights, and we strive to create places where clients can be who they are.

My name is Ashley Nicole.  People are often surprised that I am both shy and introverted; but I also contain my own surprises which can be found by those who are seeking.

I have been an escort for three years, and have entertained clients on three different continents in more than 20 cities. 

I am currently completing my education to become a Registered Nurse, not because I want to stop being an escort, but because being an escort is a time-honored but limited tradition.

When I'm not studying, I read, decorate my home, camp and backpack, watch Grey’s anatomy, and drink white wines.  I don’t enjoy large crowds or noisy environments, and I find my satisfaction in life by spending quiet evenings at home.  I also like to laugh a lot.

My clients often tell me that what I see as my own social awkwardness is both cute and charming.  I don't intend it that way, it's just how I am.

I’m waiting here for you whenever you need provision, healing, listening, or comforting.


Ashley Nicole

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